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Who We Are

The fixing of problems means that you have to dig in and challenge CRA all the way to tax court if the need be.

In dealing with clients we are committed to getting the best results in the shortest amount of time. Our efficiency makes our services a high value proposition.

This is a serious business with a dedicated team of identified professionals. This business is what we are passionate about. We are about protecting tax payers from abuse and gouging by the TaxMan. What is important for you to know about Tax Audit Solutions, is that we are not like any other company out there. We are dedicated to dealing with tax problems.

What that means is that we have developed a system of both preventing and fixing tax problems, due to people and businesses not keeping audit ready records. The most important thing in business today is the keeping of business and financial records. Preventing problems is just a matter of keeping good records. Fixing problems created by bad records or bad auditors is a totally different matter.

Because we are efficient at what we do, we provide for Canadians a cost effective way to get Tax Justice.

Our business is not for the faint of heart or those who are not up for a good fight. You can tell from the testimonials on this site… we are fighters for the rights of taxpayers to only pay what they are legally supposed to do. We try hard to keep the relationship with CRA amicable, but when we have to get nasty, we put up such a vigorous fight that CRA gets backed into corners. There is a Golden Rule of Life: “You can do anything you want to, so long as you are right. You just better be right!”

We know our stuff and we know how to win. We are not intimidated by anything that CRA could do to us. So we fight to win… and if the fight is to get personal, then so be it. No one wins all the time. We win most of the time, and if we lose, we lose while fighting valiantly. We know the lows of failure and the highs of success. We know the triumphs of hard won battles.

With over two decades of experience in dealing with CRA, solving ‘tax problems’ and providing ‘Tax Solutions’ you know we have the know how to get CRA or CRA Collectors off your back.

We work with Accountants and Lawyers in helping their clients. These people come to us for advice. There is no formal training to become a Tax Warrior, you can only learn the battle skills from being in the field getting bloodied and scarred. We have earned our stripes and each and every member of our team is proud of what we do.

We are Tax Audit Solutions! And we are very good at what we do. The Tax Team of Case Managers do the bulk of the detailed support work. We are a dedicated team of tax problem specialists who serve Canadians from Coast to Coast. We are fearless defenders of Canadians’ rights to only pay the taxes that they are legally obligated to pay.

We don’t fool around when it comes to dealing with CRA. We are not intimidated and we don’t put up with our clients being abused. We are Tax Audit Solutions, we are Canada’s Top Tax Reps. We are front-line for our team of Senior Tax Specialists. We rely on our team of both in-house and associated tax specialists which includes former CRA Auditors.

The members of our team have been around since before audits were such a big deal. As CRA audits evolved, so have we. Tax Problems are what we are all about. Either fixing them or preventing them.

Our Lead Team

Dan White


Julie Gil

VP Operations

Nick Iliopoulos

VP Technology, Marketing

Anand Dhurjati

VP International Business, Legal Relations & Litigation Support

Arron Young

Account Administrator

Gina Chen

Accounting Dept.

Giorgian Dinu

Web Master

Rodney Ronquillo

Creative Design

In addition to our management team, we are supported by talented, and hardworking, staff of personnel who provide us with depth and professionalism every day!

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