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Our client’s happiness is a testimony to our dedication to helping them with all of their tax and audit needs. We strive to provide the best service in order to give you peace of mind. Here are some of our clients’ statements about our work

Thank so much for getting our Relief application accepted. Julie is fantastic!


A $104,000 Directors Liability CRA battle is finally over!! We stood our ground, pushed the facts and won our case..!
If it wasn’t for your compassion, constant support, diligent case file research, and the outright expertise and professionalism from yourself and team I truly guarantee you we never would have made it through.
To express into words the feeling of relief and appreciation as this massive burden has been lifted from our backs is near impossible…”the awful sick feeling is finally gone”.
Being bullied and beaten down by the CRA for the last 5 yrs and told by our current tax lawyer, “you simply can’t win”, “you will have to pay” there wasn’t much hope left in our tanks.
If it wasn’t for the chance I came across your website desperately searching for help our results would be so much different today.
We came to you at our absolute lowest and ready to throw in the towel and you gave us instant hope back!
You stood beside us the entire way through reaching above and beyond what we ever would have expected of you by keeping us calm, reassured and focussed at every step.
Dan, your efforts have simply given us back the normal life we once knew and for that we are forever grateful!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


If the CRA has decided to audit you tax returns or even worse have done the audit and have hit you with a huge tax bill do yourself a big favour and get in touch with Tax Audit Solutions.
When the CRA told us they had disallowed $75000 in business expenses and that we owed a massive about of back taxes my wife and I completely freaked-out. The stress was brutal never mind the outrage! A frighteningly powerful bureaucracy with limitless resources was threatening our entire financial lives and we had no idea what to do.
When I sat down with Tax Audit Solutions I was immediately reassured that I had found people who understood my problems and knew what to do. They had the specialized knowledge and the “intestinal fortitude” to deal with the CRA. They prepared my documentation in audit ready format and filed an appeal. After an intense session with CRA the amount of denied expenses was reduced to $12,000. When we got the call and were told of our success, the sense of relief was incredible.
In the current climate, where the little guy is “getting it” from every direction, it’s good to know there are professional people like Tax Audit Solutions around to stand up for you. If you are in tough situation with the CRA I highly recommend you look to Tax Audit Solutions for help. They’re good people.


Thank you so much for the response and for the VDP advice
I was literally hours away from going in until I read the information on your website. Your solution saved my bacon.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for all of your help & support during our audit & tax issues. You have been a tremendous help to us. all the best to you & your team.
P.S. Grateful for putting up with my anxiety too!
M and D. -:)


After years of CRA torment and thousands of dollars in legal fees I was given a bill of 125,000 dollars. Canada Revenue Agency with the aid of over zealous auditors, reassessed my 2002, 2003, 2004 tax years by opening Statue Barred years and charging interest and fines. It was a case where I had donated medical equipment and money to support a charity in the developing world.
CRA’s accusations were “high and mighty” and they were clearly above reason. They accused me of not donating equipment and simple giving money to receive tax receipts of a high value. My lawyers finally proved to them that I had donated equipment that I had owned and that the money was used for appraisals, shipping, set-up and training the local doctors in it’s usage. CRA ignored all documentation and I was reaccessed despite the fact that all the donations had been given in good faith.
Frustrated and angry, I did not know where to turn. I love Canada and believe that it is the best country in the world to live! But what has CRA turned into? I spoke with a fellow medical colleague at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and he suggested that I contact a Mr. Dan White of Tax Audit Solutions.
I contacted Dan White by e-mail and we set up a meeting in Whitby, Ontario. At that meeting , my wife and I spent time with Mr. White going over the case. He was very familiar with Envision Global Charity, the organization that I had donated to. Dan was very sympathetic to my cause and was amazed that CRA would treat me with such disrespect. Dan gave us hope! After reviewing our documentation, he said he would negotiate to have our case reviewed and hopefully over turned. He believed we had been dealt a great misjustice and felt strongly that the auditor was completed wrong in opening up Statue Barred Years.
Dan spoke directly to the auditor and after a few weeks actually set up a management level meeting which included the team leader, the head of the audit division, and a CRA lawyer.
A couple of months later, I received a letter from CRA that involved the reversal of most of the reassessment and I was refunded a good part of the money.
Without doubt, Dan White and his team at Tax Audit Solutions were the key to such a positive outcome in this miserable tax situation. Dan works diligently on behalf of his clients and advocates fearlessly and tirelessly until he sees results.
From a consumer perspective, Tax Audit Solutions provides a ” good bang for your buck.” If you are looking for results this “Tax Cowboy” is the man for the job.
I strongly recommend Dan White and his highly skilled team at Tax Audit Solutions for anyone who feels that they have been treated unjustly by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Southwestern Ontario

For the record
I met Dan several years ago, CRA was relentless, they were out to crucify me, my business and take everything I had. I trusted in my auditor, my accountant, my Board. I ran my business as a businessman should putting confidence in their University degrees,…. C.A., B.A., C.M.A, that my so called professional high paid staff touted.
I paid my taxes, my company paid its taxes, my company was voted as one of Canada’s 50 Best managed Companies, I was businessman of the year, and exporter of the year, I did everything right,… so I thought.
All that went to waste because of these so called high priced professionals who failed to do their jobs made serious fundamental errors and did NOT admit to it until I had an outside accounting firm check their work.
To be treated so poorly by one of Canada largest Accounting firms, with them saying “oh, we made a few errors and we need to withdraw as your auditors”,… all the while knowing that they along with one of Canada’s largest Legal firm were to oversee their work made crucial blunders that landed me and my company is serious hot water.
I trusted in these professionals to do their jobs and when the heat was on, they bailed.
Devastated, who can I trust? How to trust? When major law firms and Account firms can’t get it straight and under fire from CRA, where does one go to find a solution?
Dan White read in the newspapers of my plight and called me one day and suggested we meet. I met with Dan White on a Saturday, afternoon. His approach was radical, unorthodox, and totally far-reaching.
Here is the clincher,… Dan needed me to —trust— him. How can I do so when so many people I trusted took their money and bailed? Above this, Dan’s approach being vastly different and contrary to all that has been done in the recent past had me totally in panic. Dan took me for a walk, we talked man to man, and he called it straight, no fancy words, no false promises, no B.S., the straight goods,….! How refreshing.
As a businessman I have achieved great things, been on TV, reported in the media, newspapers, documentary about me and my company and Dan quoted,… Norman Vincent Peale, the man who taught America how to think positively,…”Powerful People get powerful results”.
He went on to say that we need to handle CRA in a powerful manner, not to be defensive but to go on the offensive. That all my life I have achieved great things, why let CRA destroy all of this!
With my last $30,000.00 I paid Dan to begin turning things around. The result: • I kept my business • I kept my house • CRA, backed off and negotiated with Dan White a fair and equitable settlement (from millions to a few thousand).
I restructured my business, and last month the Discovery Channel was in to shoot a documentary on my business, and product.
When everyone else that I trusted jumped ship when the going got tough, it was Dan White and his team that worked with me day, night, weekends and turn things around.
My good name is now restored, CRA no longer harass’ me, and Dan and I remain close friends to this very day.
If you are reading this and you are in trouble do NOT waste another minute, call Dan, he and his team will help. Careful, I do warn you, there are counterfeit operators out there who claim to know the system, do not go there. Dan wins in court against the mighty and mean CRA, and in my books, with my 30 years of successful business record, success follows success,… Dan White will protect your interests.

P FABIAN Gatineau


Definitely a lot of opportunities in the future to work together!  I definitely keep in mind your superior audit skills and techniques and will be happy to give you a call once the right opportunity presents itself.  Your ability to gather and organize accounting data and command the audit was absolutely superior, no questions, asked.

By the way,  the client you referred to me, we are at nearing the completion of this project.  2008 has been successfully resolved, and now we are looking to close 2009/10.  The good news, we even received some money back from the CRA; although it did take quite a bit of hard work: the CRA as you know does not like to give money back!

Let’s stay in touch.

V. T.

Downtown Toronto Law Firm

To Tax Audit Solutions,

I had a networth assessment of over $300,000 A scary amount for anyone.

I hired Tax Audit Solutions. The communications from you were great. You guys were awesome. You negotiated CRA down to a reasonable settlement that I could afford to pay. Your fees were reasonable. I would 100% recommend you to anyone in trouble with CRA.

Raulino Teixeira

CRA audited me and denied my cottage rental expenses because I had not yet turned a profit and that there was no reasonable expectation of doing so.

TAS took on my case, we went to court and CRA backed down at the settlement conference.

Thanks for doing an awesome job.


My corporations were subject to an audit and CRA was interested in my international connections. CRA sent me that horrid brown envelope containing at notice of audit. I interviewed a number of tax specialist companies and selected Tax Audit Solutions to represent me. I was not wrong in my decision. They handled everything. I did not need to meet with or speak to CRA except for one short meeting that TAS managed expertly. TAS kept the audit from going sideways and has been there for me throughout the whole long process.


Thanks so much Dan I appreciate everything you have done. It’s great to be represented by the foremost tax expert it Canada!



To anyone thinking about who to hire in an audit defence… it has to be Tax Audit Solutions. I had a two year audit, $ 75,000 of expenses were disallowed by auditor. After hiring Tax Audit Solutions to handle my audit defense, they achieved an agreement from CRA to settle and allow $63,000 of my expenses.


Dear Dan,
As you know, our audit has finished and we cut a cheque to the vultures last week.
Surely they could see that for the past few years we’ve been struggling after all of the records we’ve supplied them with. We’ve been networking and delivering fliers as much as we can to promote the family business.
The CRA doesn’t go behind the scenes to see what a small business goes through in order to make it. They can’t fathom putting in 15 hour days, sometimes seven days a week just to stay on top of the expenses, while trying to make an income.
I’m advising all of my friends and family that they should NEVER deal directly with any auditors.
When we called Dan White he took the time to explain a lot of things to us but he never pressured us to use his services. We decided to go with Tax Audit Solutions after a day of talking it through with my husband, and we’ve never regretted it.
Both Dan and Melissa are very professional to work with and no questions ever go unanswered. Calls and emails were returned promptly and we never felt neglected or confused.
All it takes is one phone call and a chat with Dan White to know what your legal obligations are.
Thanks again for everything and we’ll keep in touch.

Audrey L

To Whom it may concern,

I had a serious tax problem that I knew if not handled properly would cost me a lot of money. I found Tax Audit Solutions (TAS) on the web site and upon meeting them decided they were my best option.
TAS had the expertise on how to properly package the information for CRA, in the correct legal manner that avoided a long drawn out expensive disaster.
They were successful in dealing with CRA, put the matter to rest and saved me about a hundred thousand dollars of unnecessary tax.

In today’s complex world CRA is your biggest creditor and if you don’t have the right protection, CRA will take an unfair share.
All I can say is that if you have a tax problem, there is no better place to go than to Tax Audit Solutions…


At the time I was notified of an audit by the CRA in the fall 2009 I was facing potentially disastrous consequences
At the time I was notified of an audit by the CRA in the fall 2009 I was facing potentially disastrous consequences as a result of shoddy book keeping and tax preparation, lax attention to retaining proper receipts and just overall neglect pertaining to the record keeping of my business as well as personal financial affairs.
Potentially facing the loss of my home, bankruptcy and complete financial ruin it was crucial, since for all intents and purposes my life and family depended on it, that I find precisely the right company to represent me in this audit. I had to get it right the first time…and I prayed that fate would lead me to the right people. There was no way I could represent myself for this audit. I needed real, seasoned experts – and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend for this representation.
In my research I investigated several of the more prominent firms offering tax audit assistance that advertise using mass media (in southern Ontario) including DioGuardi Tax Lawyers as well as Darryl Hayashi Chartered Accountant. It became evident in initial correspondence with both of these firms, that they were far more interested in how much money they could relieve me of for their services (in addition to whatever I would owe the CRA in taxes, interest and penalties) and both really seemed to try and exploit my paranoia and play upon my fears and pressured me into retaining them. For instance in DioGuardi’s initial email response I was informed of a $250 consulting fee just to talk to me, and, “that we need to start negotiations right away.” Except that they knew nothing of my situation so how did they know what needed to be negotiated? Legal-eeze double talk.
Additional research on-line led me to Tax Audit Solutions. Not only by the vast amounts of useful and comforting information on their web site and the sincerity in the way it was presented, but after a personal (and free, no obligation) meeting with both Dan and Leon within 24 hours after contacting them, I knew in my gut that THESE WERE THE PEOPLE to have in my corner against the CRA.
One of the most impressive aspects (and there are many!) of working with the experts at Tax Audit Solutions is how they – and NOT the CRA – control the audit. They’re fearless, cannot be intimidated and know the CRA’s laws, rules and regulations on how they’re allowed to conduct an audit better than many of the CRA auditors.
Further they charged SIGNIFICANTLY less than the 2 aforementioned firms above, and literally saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars in fees (with money I didn’t have in the first place) – and much of which, would have not only ended up in another representatives pockets, but also would have ensured bankruptcy and total financial collapse had I gone with anyone else. Of this I am absolutely certain.
As cliche as it may sound these people genuinely care about their clients. For them it is NOT all about the money. They are compassionate people who’s primary focus is in helping decent hardworking people who find themselves between a rock and a hard place (CRA), and ensuring favourable outcomes, and in exceeding expectations with a dedicated support team of experts in tax strategies & preparation, book keeping & accounting, and in working hand in hand with their clients.
If the CRA notifies you of an impending audit, and as a result you find yourself extremely stressed and worried sick (for whatever your reasons) don’t even waste your time contacting anyone else. Contact Tax Audit Solutions. It IS the absolute best money you’ll ever spend when it comes to dealing with the CRA – and you’ll get your life back!


Ajax, Ontario

On a personal note … I am starting to feel more confident and less panicky … and the last few nights I have been able to sleep better too. The scenes I was initially playing through my mind (of CRA coming to our house, freezing our bank accounts … and then taking everything we own) are starting to fade somewhat. Those fears are slowly morphing into anger and incrudulity that we, as Canadians, have allowed such a destructive and unaccountable monster as CRA to live among us.
I cannot tell you how eternally grateful I am that some Canadians (ie. Mr. White and company) have the courage to fight this monster head on. “Thank you” doesn’t really seem like an adequate response.


To Whom it may concern, Tax Audit Solutions looked after my case to get things wound up professionally and were genuine in every way
I wish I could say the same about my previous Tax accountant/lawyer…after 7yrs of dealing with cra my lawyer advised me to go bankrupt and now that is not even an option..my actual amount owing approx 150,000 but cra requiring $450,000 now due to equity and properties liens have been issued….just saying my lawyer hasn’t fought anything not even penalties or interest releif….so I’m glad that you can actually make some people happy at the end of the day…keep up the good work cuz we as canadians need brave people to fight this government of ours. thank you


Hello ALL,
Well I got word yesterday that both deals have been closed and the CRA has been paid.
I am still in some kind of denial because I can’t believe that this HUGE BLACK CLOUD that has hung over
my head all these years has finally disappeared and there only blue skies ahead.
I THANK YOU ALL sooooooo much and for me thank you is just not enough for what you have done for me and my family.
I remember the first day I met Dan and Martin, the relief I felt and you three are are the DYNAMIC TRIO
and you have changed mine and my families lives forever.
Maria I LOVE YOU with all my heart and can’t thank you enough, you never stopped digging, looking for that person who loves what they do and who has a heart and you found these great men and also for funding all this for me.
I am forever in your debt.
I am hoping to come see you all individually very soon, it is something that I want to do, you are all very special to me.
You should all be very proud of yourselves and in what you do for people. I will definitely spread the word.



I want to thank you specifically as you were the person who in the end put us in touch with the people that were finally able to resolve this mess. I cannot thank you enough! I knew in our initial meeting that I finally found a professional that could not only help but someone who was also willing to help from a deep rooted sense of justice! We are forever in your debt! Thank you very much!
I wish all of you the best life has to offer as I can only presume that you offer hope to so many others that have been dealt with the same challenges!
Thank you!

Monica and Sam

Dear Dan & Julie,

Thank you very much for a successful outcome on my appeal, I am grateful to you both.

You saved me over $100,000 for Corporate Shareholder assessed income that I did not receive but was attributed to me.

This case came at a very difficult time in my life, as I was already separated from my then husband – I was at a lost of what to do, after meeting you both I felt a sense of hope and knew I didn’t have to look further for help. Julie, your strategy was brilliant !!!

I wanted to drop by and personally thank you both, but work has been extremely busy. As a token of my heartfelt thank you and appreciation, I hope you enjoy the basket of sweets I’ve sent to your office to celebrate !!!

Thanks again and cheers,

CRA decided that I was not entitled to my new home GST rebate. They said that I did not qualify as having “occupied” my condo. While I was there only 6 weeks, it had been my intent to make it my primary residence. We went to Tax Court over this and TAS was able to show that there is no law or regulation about how long an owner to live in his home and it all falls down to what does “occupy” mean. Because there does not appear to be a definition of occupy in the Excise Tax Act, TAS referred the Judge to the Occupiers Liability Act which had a good description of what that means. The Judge agreed and ruled in our favour. I got to keep my $24,000.00 GST rebate. Yea! TAS.

V.R. Toronto

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. You have done a wonderful job.
I can stop by this week to pick up the banker boxes. I am honestly glad it is all over.
I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. You have done a wonderful job. From start to finish I was able to concentrate on working instead of worrying about the tax audit and that made a huge difference. The outcome was better than I expected. You were able to avert a net worth audit and I have no penalties to pay. Please let Dan know I am a satisfied customer and I will definately recommend tax audit solutions to all of my friends and colleagues.

Thanks again,
All the Best,
CHRIS from Ajax, Ontario


Ajax, Ontario

“I received a phone call from a CRA auditor who informed me that she wanted to meet with me. She also informed me that a letter to that effect has been sent to me. I did not feel comfortable dealing with the audit myself and looked for help. I found Tax Audit Solutions and contacted them.

They were very professional and very quickly I found my stress level go down. Having clearly explained how they plan to approach the audit and me not needing to deal with the auditor myself I signed up for TAS to represent me.

TAS contacted the auditor and informed them that they will be representing me. TAS prepared the audit ready booking in 3 ring binders as promised. Having seen the work myself, I am confident that my case will be wrapped up in due course.

Dealing with an audit can be very stressful. It can also be very expensive if your tax returns numbers are not properly supported by audit ready books. I would recommend the services of Tax Audit Solutions to anyone who is being audited by CRA”


After taking the advise of a friend, I hired Tax Audit Solutions to handle my corporate audit. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made
Lesley handled our case, and she was extremely professional and knowledgeable.
I had initially considered having my own accountant handle the audit, but realize now that would have been a huge mistake. My accountant would have been biased and would have worked first to protect himself, which meant that I would have been ‘thrown to the wolves’! Tax Audit Solutions on the other hand is completely unbiased. Their only job is to protect their client – me.
They succeeded in avoiding any penalties and were able to drastically reduce interest that would have been owed. Had I handled the audit myself, or allowed my accountant to handle it, I’m convinced I would be paying those penalties and interest amounts.
The money I saved by hiring Tax Audit Solutions far exceeded the fee I paid to them. It was money well spent!
Thanks again Lesley for the great representation.


A self-employed person, for years I used the services of a local tax preparer to prepare my income tax returns. I was in a panic on the day that I first contacted Tax Audit Solutions.

An agent of Revenue Canada had come to my home and served me with a notice that CRA was returning in a few days to perform a complete audit of my tax returns for the previous three years. I suspected that their plan was to do a complete inventory and evaluation of my home and every other asset they could find, and then to strip me of all to pay my outstanding tax debt, leaving my family impoverished and homeless.

The people at Tax Audit Solutions were incredibly rapid in their response. An initial interview was rapidly arranged. The result of the interview was a plan of action that kept the wolf from my door and settled my tax problems. Their experience and knowledge of the tax laws and CRA regulations and procedures kept the CRA out of my home and reduced the amount owing. As a result I am still living in my home and am able to continue in business.

The work performed by TAS was astonishing both in scope and detail. They took all my disorganized financial records for the preceding three years and produced an immaculate set of books that were an impressive audited statement. They took advantage of every legal tax break that could be provided and kept the amount that had to be paid to CRA as low as possible. Their treatment of my problem was caring and considerate throughout the whole process. I believe that it is very unlikely that anyone could have provided better help in a very difficult time.



As a software development consultant, I thought I was doing things right when it came to filing my small business taxes.
I had been an employee for years, and becoming an independent contractor seemed fairly straightforward. Just file a tax return, claim only reasonable expenses, and keep receipts for a “rainy day”, right?
What I did not know is what caused me over two years of stress and aggravation with CRA. Dealing with the CRA auditor was a horrible experience in trying to reason with an unreasonable bully. It all started with an innocuous phone call from an auditor. She seemed friendly at first. I answered her questions, even the vague and misleading ones. My “Spidy Senses” started tingling when the auditor informed me that my business deductions would not be allowed and that I had to go into their office for an “initial interview” with all of my records, deductions, receipts, journals, invoices, personal credit card records, bank account records, and more. I’m an honest person, but I’m also usually somewhat disorganized. Unfortunately, it would be that honesty the auditor would try to use against me! I knew I was going to need some serious help otherwise I might lose my legitimate business deductions!
I searched the net for tax accountants and tax lawyers–anyone who might be able to offer some advice on how to get organized. I read articles about audits, postings on forums and tax literature on the CRA website. This only amplified the anxiety! Apparently, quite a few people weren’t satisfied with the outcome after engaging accountants or lawyers, because these professionals were generally paid hourly–and not necessarily to see their clients’ audits through to the end. Then I found Tax Audit Solutions (TAS) and engaged their services, mainly because they had a wealth of useful information on their website and I somehow felt comfortable they wouldn’t “gouge” me at a time when I was most vulnerable, but would help me fight for my rights to a conclusion.
When I called the auditor to let her know that I had hired a Tax Representative, she adamantly claimed that I would first have to come in for an interview with my books and records; only then would I be allowed to elect a representative to correspond with her. Believing this was true, nevertheless skeptical, I called my Tax Representative who clarified that the auditor had misinformed me and it would be very wrong to bring my records without getting them audit ready first.
The auditor then took the position that I was not entitled to any deductions because my home was not my principle place of business.
Being disorganized doesn’t make you a bad person, but it sure doesn’t help. And I was disorganized–receipts in boxes, utility bills had been thrown out or lost… there was a lot of work to do to recover and organize bank statements, utility statements, receipts and so on, to get my books ready for the auditor. TAS requested some additional time to prepare. CRA chose to expedite the audit by narrowing the scope of the audit to check for invoices and proof of income only, and not even look at my home and vehicle expenses–instead they just disallowed them all. TAS filed a notice of objection on my behalf. The appeals officer agreed with the auditor and confirmed the assessment.
TAS filed an appeal to the Tax Court of Canada. The Department of Justice insisted that CRA was right, and refused to back off. The DOJ refused a settlement offer.
TAS took the matter to court. It was an all-day case in front of Justice Boyle. The DOJ put up a valiant fight but in the end after Dan White presented his summary and request to the Justice Boyle, the DOJ admitted that we were right and that in fact my home was my principle place of business and my expenses were allowed.
It seems ridiculous that one has to fight that hard for what was clearly right from the first place. This case was more about bullying than about disputed taxes.
My experience tells me that firstly I need to keep audit ready books and secondly, even when a taxpayer is right, their chance of beating CRA is very small. It takes a serious heavy weight to fight for you if you want to win.
TAS prepared all my records, my defence, they spent hours and hours with me… they took an entire evening until 11PM reviewing my case with me, putting my mind to rest. The bottom line is: Tell the truth, be sure of what you know and don’t guess at anything you don’t know. Be clear on the question you are answering. This holds true for the auditor as well as their lawyer in tax court.
It felt good to have my say in court, and I honestly believe that if I tried to do this on my own, I would have lost.
I now know that being right is only a small part of winning a case against CRA. True to their word, TAS saw this through to the end, and didn’t charge me extra. Julie and Dan are an organize-and-execute dynamo and I have a great respect for them and what they represent.
CRA is denying more and more small businesses (e.g. independent consultants) a right to deductions. They know this demographic is vulnerable and seem to be having a heyday right here in Calgary. I find this trend ludicrous! There was recently a documentary on W5 about small business taxpayers having to fight their way all the way to tax court in increasing numbers to get justice. My testimony is yet another example of this, and I consider myself one of the more fortunate ones.
I would recommend anyone who gets a call or a letter from CRA to contact Tax Audit Solutions before speaking to CRA. CRA is not your friend. If you are honest and trusting, you are vulnerable. You cannot trust them to be fair or reasonable.


Calgary, Alberta

Decision of the Minister of Appeal
Note to OL
Attached is the decision of the Minister on your Appeal – It has been allowed in full!!!!


Dear Tax Audit Solutions,
Thanks so much for winning my case in tax court. I got to keep my new home owner HST Rebate.
See below.
Thanks so much.

Before: The Honourable Justice John R. Owen


Agent for the Appellant: Dan F. White
Counsel for the Respondent: Lindsay Tohn


UPON hearing the evidence and submissions of the agent for the Appellant and counsel for the Respondent;

IN ACCORDANCE with the reasons for judgment delivered orally from the Bench at the conclusion of the hearing, the appeal from the assessment by notice dated December 24, 2014 issued under Part IX of the Excise Tax Act for a Harmonized Sales Tax New Housing Rebate for Houses Purchased from a Builder is allowed and the assessment is referred back to the Minister of National Revenue for reconsideration and reassessment on the basis that the Appellant is entitled to a rebate in the amount of $24,000.

Signed at Ottawa, Canada, this 27th day of June 2017.

Hi, I am a business consultant that got ten years behind in my taxes. CRA was after me as a non-filer and had issued arbitrary assessments. TAS took on the case filed my back taxes and dealt with CRA. The matter is now all cleared up and now I can focus on my consulting.

Andre T

I received a notice of assessment for $50,000 for unreported income. I did not understand where they came up with the number and knew that I did not have any unreported income.

TAS went to bat for me and discovered a contract employer fraud. TAS exposed the fraud, and straightened out the matter with CRA.

The employee who created this mess, had defrauded the company and workers of over a million dollars. Sadly, the employee committed suicide when he was caught.

Thanks for rescuing me from that mess.


I had a hair salon business. CRA audited me and I got in a serious financial mess. I could not pay the assessed amount. TAS took on the case and guided me through the bankruptcy process. And helped me stay in business and get back on my feet.

Tax Audit Solutions did an awesome job.

I can’t thank you enough.

Our corporation is a Canadian and Costa Rica business setup, doing business in the multi millions between Canada and Costa Rica. We have a major audit, going on so Hired Tax Audit Solutions to represent us. TAS was able to complexly redo all our accounting to have it audit ready. This was a very complex case. TAS filed an objection and then turned it over to one of the high-end tax law firms they work with. Between TAS and the lawyers we were able to come to a satisfactory resolution. Without the high-end accounting work TAS did, we would not have been as successful. If you need rock solid reliable court ready accounting, TAS must be your choice.


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