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The power to audit is the power to destroy. Audits are no longer about compliance, rather they are about Tax Earned By Audit (TEBA). An audit gone bad can ruin a small business. Being forewarned is an opportunity to be forearmed.

The videos in this library is an education on CRA and the audit process. All the videos are short and to the point, to allow the viewer to watch the entire video series within a manageable time.

You will note below at the top if the list is the 4 part “interview with an auditor.” You just have to watch this candid interview with a CRA Auditor. This is the interview that every business person in Canada needs to watch and understand. CRA is no joke. We can laugh at this insanity, but we need to understand what kind of entity we are dealing with. We need to know what kind of people work for CRA. This may be a hilarious insight into the insanity of the Canada Revenue Agency, but it is very real and they are very dangerous if not handled properly.

If you want to understand what an audit is all about you really need to watch this video. If you think you can handle an audit without professional help, you will find out just how costly that will be. CRA can and will trip you up.

Enjoy the 4 videos of the interview with a CRA Auditor, it will take you ten minutes each, so go get a coffee and a valium, or better yet a double scotch, straight up.

Then to watch the video documentary on what can happen when an audit goes bad as in the Irwin Leroux case. (Located below the auditor interviews.)

Note that as a follow from the time of this video, Irwin launched a civil suit for damages against CRA. While he did not prove that CRA was the cause of his downfall, he did make huge gains in holding CRA accountable for their actions. We owe Irwin a vote of thanks for getting the Supreme Court to state that indeed CRA has a duty of care to Canadians.

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Thanks and enjoy!

Dan White





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About Tax Audit Solutions

This is an overview of what Tax Audit Solutions does to solve tax problems in Canada.

What is a Legal Safety Zone

This video brings clarity to the subject of is there legally safe zone. In reality it is not safe to cheat on your taxes, regardless if you have a lawyer or not

Allowable Business Investment Loss

If you have invested money in a small Canadian Controlled Corporation and lost it, you may be able to use that loss against your taxable income.

ARB Books – Audit Ready Bookkeeping

The concept of having a company’s books ready for a government audit needs to become a reality now. The time if over when a business could expect an audit to be a straight forward audit to ensure compliance. In today’s world, the tax man makes a lot of extra revenue from businesses that are not audit ready. Standard bookkeeping programs are never done in a manner to be ready at all times for an audit.

Audit Gone Bad

So you think you have nothing to worry about if you are getting audited, you may want to think it out again. If you believe that if you are reporting properly and paying your taxes, then you have nothing to worry about. Well… the news is that audits have changed from being about compliance to a revenue source for CRA. They now target each audit and track TEBA (Tax Earned By Audit) and they look at audits as a source of revenue. CRA is being run like a business that exists to collect revenue. So a bad auditor or a creative auditor can make your audit a nightmare.

Audit or Investigation

Their is a veil of secrecy around audits and investigations by CRA. This video explains the difference between the two CRA initiatives. From a taxpayer’s perspective, it is important to know your rights.

Auditors Qualifications

Understand that when dealing with a CRA auditor, they may not even be an accountant. You need to make sure you know accounting and tax law when you are dealing with an auditor, even if they know what they are talking about.

Audit Triggers

In today’s world of aggressive audits being based on Net Worth versus real books and records and aggressive audits under TEBA (Tax Earned By Audit) you need to avoid triggering an audit. This video covers some of the audit triggers.


Big Brother Is Watching You II

Should you worry about Google searches? To what extent are they watching you. Watch the video and learn what you need to watch out for.

Can You Negotiate With The CRA

This video covers what can and can not be negotiated with CRA.

Charitable Donations Schemes

This video is about Charitable Donations Schemes

Client Solicitor Privilege


CRA Collections

Duty of Care

Finding Help for Tax Problems

How to Prepare for an Audit


Offshore Business and Banking

Payment Plans

Requirement to Pay and Garnishes

Risk Management

Should You Go to Court

Society of Professionals Tax Representatives

Tax Evasion Investigations

The Underground Economy


Voluntary Disclosure Programs

When the Sheriff or Police Comes

Your Rights

Witness – Expert or Material

Will I Be Charged With Tax Evasion

Fighting with CRA

A Salute to our former Ombudsman

Audit Protection

Capital Losses

Fairness Applications

Revenue-Tax Earned by Audit

Lightning Bolts from the Sky – Excise Tax

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Remission Orders

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Dont Let the Bastards Get You

If you are feeling down about how CRA is treating you, watch this video by the head of the International Money Fund (IMF)

Victimizing the Victims

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