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How do we price our services?

“Ask not about what we charge”


“Ask about how we can do so much for so little?”

How a business sets its fees is often more about making money than about anything else. We all need to make a profit, but that should not be our guiding beacon.

At TAS we are in the business of helping Canadians deal with tax related issues. Our number one concern is that we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in achieving their objectives.

Our fee is based simply on the hours worked, our objective is to find the most cost effective way to achieve the project goals. If we can save or clients money by saving time, that is what we consistently do. That is standard procedure with the TAS team.

Our decisions and courses of action, are based on our clients best interests and not about how much money we can make. We need to charge for our time to cover our overhead, we don’t sit and figure out how to get the maximum amount of dollars from the project.

The benefit is really a win win for us and our clients. They save money and we can use the saved time to help other clients.

When it comes to pricing our services, we can estimate how much things will cost, however we are often subjected to what we call “project creep,” which is what happens when more things come to light or CRA expands their audit. We always take a retainer of $2,500 plus HST. We bill at the rate of $195 per hour.

The cost of our services is very high value because we have developed our own cloud based case management system which allows us to work as a team following efficient procedures. Our policy is do it completely right, the first time around. We know our business and how to deliver the best outcome to our clients at the minimum cost.

Our policy is that if we can not save you more than the cost of our fees, we will likely decline the work unless there is a greater reason than the current tax debt at stake.

Our rates are in alignment with professional accountants, but normally much less than what lawyers charge.

Our fees are 100% tax deductible as a business expense.

If you are not a business, and CRA audits you, our fees are tax deductible on your personal tax returns.

We can give tremendous value propositions to our clients because we are streamlined, experienced, and know the ropes. When you are highly skilled it takes less time and effort to complete the work. Those time savings represent money savings that are passed on as cost savings for our clients.

Going off half cocked to fight CRA is just shooting yourself in the foot. In this business, you can’t judge the TaxRep by price. It has to be by value and track record of outstanding results.

TAS provides you with the best value proposition when it comes to damage control when dealing with CRA. We guarantee you that we will make a concentrated effort to achieve your best case outcome.

For every dollar we save you in reducing your audit tax hit, we actually save you about $3.00 when tax penalties and interest are taken into account. Then of course you need to remember, that taxes have to be paid with after tax dollars. So you need to earn about a $1.00 in before tax dollars to be able to pay the taxman 60 cents. (With nothing left for you)

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